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Neighborhood Watch

Charter Greens officially has a Neighborhood Watch Program! 

Neighborhood Watch is a group of neighbors who are willing to communicate with each other and pass along crime and non-crime related neighborhood information.  The groups are educated in crime prevention, trained to observe suspicious activity and report the activity to each other and the police.  

Neighborhood Watch is:

--A community/poice partnership

--Neighbors coming together to help each other not become victims of crime.

--Neighbors coming together to address community issues.

--Learning and practicing crime prevention through environmental design.

--Learning to identify suspicious activity and reporting the activity to neighbors and police.

--Members all live on the same street or within line of sight, generally.

--5 to 25 homes per group.


Neighborhood Watch is not:

--Citizens armed patrol.

--Vigilante groups.

--Encouraging residents to take risks to prevent crimes.

--A program that guarantees that a crime will not occur in a neighborhood.

--A political group.

--A neighborhood association or neighborhood organization.

--A law enforcement entity.


Neighborhood Watch Block Captains

 Janie Blind, jb2390@comcast.net:  2360--2414 Craycroft

Jackie Smith-Hill, jshill92@msn.com:  2360--2414 Craycroft

Tami Liberato, rliberato8137@msn.com:  2318--2354 Craycroft & 9715--9775 Pleasanton & Sully Ct

Linnea Knoerzer, tmks06@yahoo.com: 2318--2354 Craycroft & 9715--9775 Pleasanton & Sully Ct

Ken Necessary, knecessary@q.com: 2420--2457 Craycroft

Mark Warren, warrenmj@comcast.net: 9805--9837 Treelake

Gary & Harriett Shugart, harriettas@me.com:  2502--2526 Antietam

Tony Alexander, tony.alexander@comcast.net: 9915--9990 Bridgeport


Contact Neighborhood Watch at: chartergreens@msn.com

Additional Block Captains Needed!! Please e-mail chartergreens@msn.com if you are interested!