Plan Submittal

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Plan Submittal Application

Plan Submittal Procedure

1. Print out and submit in DUPLICATE with; actual color swatches, detailed landscape plan, completion date, etc.

2. Make check payable to "ARC"

3.  Fee: $25 if approval is requested at a scheduled ARC meeting.  $35 if RUSH approval is required or approval is required when the ARC is not meeting (November-March).  The fee can be submitted in person when approval is requested at an ARC meeting. When approval is requested via email, a check can be mailed (Please advise the ARC in the email submission when the check was mailed) to:

Current Resident
10015 Mossmill Ct
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

4. Plan may be submitted in person at the next ARC meeting or emailed to:

5. ARC will contact applicant upon approval or if further information is needed.



Plan Submittal Form